Built Efficient Motivation for Weight Loss

Mariia Roza
3 min readMay 13, 2021

“Looking stunning in a bikini” is a common but not the best type of motivation you might have for losing weight. The thing is, it belongs to the so-called “external motivation,” which might work for short-term results but isn’t quite efficient for achieving your goal weight and maintaining it for the rest of your life.

Here are some other examples of external motivation:

  • I want to get in shape before some important event like a wedding or a birthday party.
  • I want people to like me more so I can have a wider choice of sexual partners.
  • I want to get the specific number on the scales.
  • I want to fit in the dress I used to wear in high school.
  • I want people to appraise my efforts and compliment my body.

These reasons might help you to stick to short-term crash diets, but what’s next? Will you be able to maintain these results when your goal is achieved? If you want your new weight to stay with you forever, you should better opt for internal motivation.

These are examples of inner motivation that is efficient for long-term weight loss:

  • I want to feel comfortable with myself and my body.
  • I want to develop healthy relations with food and making food my fuel and not a substitute for emotions.
  • I want to be healthy, and for this, I need to get to a normal weight and eat healthily.
  • I want to have more energy for life.
  • I want to feel confident and like the way I look.
  • I want to be a good example for my kids.

Another thing you can do to boost your motivation is to focus on positive changes in your lifestyle rather than restrictions you have to face.

Tell yourself: “I’m so glad I started to cook with a new meal plan! Now I know how to make healthy and tasty food for my loved ones and me.”

Instead of: “I’m so annoyed that I can’t have my favorite takeaway taco!”

Tell yourself: “I’m so glad I only had one glass of wine and still enjoy the party with my friends. Now I can see that I like their company because they’re great people!”

Instead of: “I’m so upset because everybody is drinking Pina Colada, and I can’t because this will add too many calories to my day count!”

Tell yourself: “I love the way my body reacts to physical activity. It becomes stronger after each workout, and I can already see that my body looks more toned!”

Instead of: “I don’t want to go to the gym! I want to lay on the couch with my chips and beer and favorite series on the laptop as I used to!”

Be proud of yourself when you choose a healthier lifestyle! Right now, tell yourself how great you are and how strongly you appreciate the efforts you’re making to become better! Love yourself and keep that motivation high!



Mariia Roza

Wellness researcher at Unimeal. Food enthusiast. BJJ practitioner. Chinchillas and cats lover.